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This site is my story, my passions, my daily successes, my ideas and annoying reflections, all what can be useful for you just in case your are looking  for an inspiration and for me, so that I can remember and reflect while typing.

I'm generally moved by curiosity in this particular moment while I'm typing these words I still don't have a site built, just a couple of noemail blogposts, no podcasts or videos, just the will to start and curiosity to see where I'll get how many new people I will meet, discussion I'll have and stories I'll be able to share with you. Here my first goal, be curious for you and myself, share on this blog and site occasions where my curiosity bewitched me leading the way to an unexperienced path.

About me? Well I was born and raised on the planet earth as probably the majority of you. Now, it's a huge place, lot to experience and see around and that's all the fun one can have in his life a long journey of conscious experience.

I was born and raised in a little city in the Nord East of Italy, Udine. Now I live in a micro village of Slovakia called Zlkovce that the majority o Slovaks don't even know it exists. 😄 The cool thing is that thanks to today's technology I can be everywhere and probably you are also reading these lines from a place I've never been.

I like technology, love to experiment its limits to make sure it helps us as much as possible, so while we are having our lives, it supports us without taking too much of our time in dealing with it.

I work for IBM a huuge corporation. An IT company like IBM is a good fun place to work, IBMers are good folks moved by reasonable values of belonging and doing good thinks together in cooperation. IBM as such gives to IBMers lots of tools to communicate between each other. 

The challenge is to learn to communicate with them, choosing always the best channel for our message and that's not always the case. Here my second goal, give a hand, share good practices, like my #noemail journey.

I'm also a dad (of 2 lovely little fellows), a husband (of an amazing wife), a son, a friend, a colleague,...I deal with people everyday lots of them have great lives, good thoughts and fascinating experiences. Many of which will be probably remembered only by their close friends (or a directed search on Google if their social network privacy settings were not taken so much in consideration). Time then for my third goal, share their stories, many stories, so that from this micro village I can get in touch with all wonderful people I met along my journey.

Finally I'm a professional, I was a finance analyst and consolidator, a manager, a communication leader, a video maker, an open collaboration evangelist. My experience goes on but here my fourth goal, while it goes, I will take the occasion to share it along. So communication, noemail, leadership, photography, video making, animation, graphic design...can I add also some cooking? 🤔 🍝 🍕

I will talk of course also about Lele (as I'm known @office) and about Dede (as I'm known between my family and friends), so in case your are interested in all of this I'll do my best to score all goals.


Disclaimer: Any thoughts and information present in this blog are my own.