Episode 54 IBM Mindfulness Training

with Lele & MindfulPat today we talk about the mindfulness training that is present in one of the IBM internal webpages in the Leadership Academy.
It's shares several good things we shared during #thepresentshow and many new different aspects of mindfulness.

We don't cover the whole training in one show but we talk about the most curious parts such as, leadership, happiness and the 10 things you should do everyday if you want to be mindful.

Enjoy and thanks for sharing.

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Episode 53 Mindfulness research

Today MindfulPat is with Anna&Aica from CBS (Copenhagen Business School) that have been studying their master thesis on mindfulness in  organizations.

Few months ago they reached out to #thepresentshow to learn more about IBM and now MindfulPat interviewed them about their research, thesis, findings and what they think about mindfulness after having studied it for quite a while. 
The chat is very interesting check it out!

More about Aica https://www.linkedin.com/in/malaicajeannebeduya/

More about Anna https://www.linkedin.com/in/anna-iskrová-b1487997/

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Episode 51 Emotional Intelligence

with Lele & MindfulPat today with Inez a great expert in Emotional Intelligence @IBM

The whole show is dedicated to EI (Emotional Intelligence)

  • Why is it so important?
  • Can we learn to control our emotions?
  • How is it connected wit Mindfulness?

One of the most important conversations of our time to become better humans and live better with each other.
Enjoy the show.

For IBMers here the link to Emotional Intelligence community

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Episode 49 The creative minds need mindfulness

with Lele & MindfulPat Today with Bianca Branco, graphic designer and creative. We talk about energy, multitasking, working in a corporate and how to stop, breathe and take your time to think. To bring back your creative soul, prioritize and save that needed energy to keep smiling.

You can find Bianca here

Her Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/biihbranco/

and Youtube channel (in Portuguese) http://youtube.com/CotidianodeLeitores

and soon 1st and 2nd week of June we will be live each day for M10 and the 10 days of meditation challenge at 2pm on this channel http://bit.ly/M10Dchallenge

Episode 44 Mindful Yoga and MBSR

with Lele today with Gosia that directly from Warsaw (Poland) she shared how she started practicing yoga. Then mindful yoga and then taking part into the MBSR, mindfulness based stress reduction 8 weeks course designed by Jon Kabat-Zinn A cool journey that ends with a perfect mindful minute. Check out also the mindful diving https://youtu.be/PdcJzKW0S2c and mindful eating https://youtu.be/fFSR-VIVWG8 streaming with Lele and Pat directly from Wroclow, enjoy!

Episode 43 Mindfulness: so simple, so powerful

with Lele & MindfulPat today interviewing Leanna.

Leanna started practicing mindfulness a couple of months before this show and in the video she's sharing the good aspects she found in it and also what her peers think about it. The chat moves then on the simplicity and accessibility of the practice: what means to be in the present moment? How different is for each individual? Will you experience the present differently since you start practicing? A nice conversation to watch and comment below. Pat at one point mentioned a recent TED Talk about mindfulness you can watch it here

Episode 41 Mindfulness of motivation

with Lele & MindfulPat today interviewing Pierre, co-founder and CEO of Uloo.me app https://www.uloo.me based on sharing reciprocal motivational energy. In the show we discuss about motivation, hot to get more motivated and how others can give us motivation by sharing their care and experience with us. and in the end, motivating others is indirectly making us happier and more productive, because particularly in the corporate world the more your peers are successful with their goals the more you will be with yours.

Episode 40 The practice that makes our hearts happy

with Lele & MindfulPa interview today Stanislas LL talking about Heartfulness that is another of the steps in the practice a way to focus on our hearts and feeling to meditate, reduce our stress, improve our feelings and perceptions and eventually leads us towards better decisions. Stan shares a lot more in the talk and with a wonderful 5mindful minutes in conclusion.

Enjoy the show and welcome to the full world where you can be aware fully of your present mind and heart. Get in touch with Stan https://www.facebook.com/Heartfulness.Bratislava/

Episode 36 Acting or reacting

with Lele & MindfulPat each and this week with Judyta talking about her path towards meditation and then towards mindfulness@work. How she found peace and calm into a daily practice, how she's leading now multiple times a week a practice group with her colleagues and how she feels to be much more ready to deal with stressful situations now that she brought mindfulness in her everyday. Have fun with this show! Thanks a lot for watching.

Episode 35 The importance of each moment

with Lele & MindfulPat, guest of today Poonam that is sharing her journey into mindfulness: reading and listening to the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. We talk about several situations where being in the present moment can bring incredible benefits and suddenly even apparently impossible things can happen. Check out the episode and for more about Poonam check out one of the FB community she's part of and her LN profile